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Sustainable Drugs: Antibiotic Resistance

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 8:00 am to 9:40 am

University Center, U 618 63 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

The University Science Labs will be hosting Science+Art+Design Lab workshops focused on the rise of antibiotic resistance in our urban communities. With increased use in agriculture, medicine, and materials, superbugs are becoming more common. Moreover, climate change has also contributed to the emergence of antibiotic resistance in a range of bacteria. 

Join us as we explore the evolution of antibiotic resistance and discuss how antibiotic stewardship is necessary to protect the natural resources from which we acquire antibiotics. We will explore how practice and policy surrounding antibiotics can affect vulnerable populations and some new initiatives to curb this effect. The technique we will use to assess resistance and antibiotic activity is the Kirby-Bauer Disk Assay. An antibiotic or unknown substance is applied to a small filter paper disk, which is placed on solid growth media plate spread with a liquid culture of bacteria. If the microbe can not grow in the presence of the antibiotic, a zone of inhibition will appear, sometimes referred to as a “halo.” For a quick video demo, see this video

This workshop is hosted in conjunction with the Imagine Science Film Festival, whose theme is  Emergence. 

Please note: This is a two-session workshop. You must attend both dates to see results.


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Article: Antibiotic Resistance and Social Justice/ Environmental Stewardship

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News/Blog Post: Pruden, A. Meet an Engineer Tracking Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment.  NYAS. Link 

Video: Superbugs That Resist Antibiotics Can Evolve in 11 Days.  I Contain Multitudes. YouTube. Link (8:50 min)

Antibiotic Resistance and Social Justice/Environmental Stewardship:Littman, J. 2015. The Ethical Significance of Antimicrobial Resistance. Public Health Ethics. 8 (3): 209-224. (READ ONLY PAGES 212-220)  Link

Link to More Resources.

Presented by Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and the University Science Labs

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